Welcome to Lira District

Dear visitors, well wishers and citizens of Uganda, we welcome you to Our District Website. Lira District is a district in Northern Uganda. Like many other Ugandan districts, it is named after its 'chief town', Lira.

Lira district is located in the Lango sub-region in northern Uganda. Physically the district lies between latitudes 10 21’ and 20 42’ north of the Equator and longitudes 2053’ and 3037’ east of Greenwich. The district is bordered by the districts of Agago in the north, Otuke in the northeast, Alebtong in the east, Dokolo in the south, Kwania in the southwest, Kole in the west, Oyam and Gulu in the northwest.

Lira District has one Higher Local Government, one Municipal Local Government (with 4 division LGs) and 15 Lower Local Governments. The Municipality has been elevated to a city status effective 6th August 2020 and the sub counties of Adekokwok, Lira and Ngetta (including Iwal) now form part of Lira City. The city has two divisions of Lira City East Division (comprising of the then Adekokwok sub county, Ngetta and Iwal Sub Counties, Lira Central Division and railways division of then Lira Municiplaity) and Lira City West Division comprising of Ojwina Division, Adyel Division of the then Lira Municiplality and Lira Sub County. Six Administrative units; 4 sub counties and 2 town councils were approved in FY 2017/2018 but are not yet operational. The new sub counties are Ayami Sub county curved out of Aromo Sub County, Iwal Curved out of Ngetta, Itek Curved out of Barr Sub County, Wiodyek Curved out of Amach Sub County. The two created town councils are Agweng town council and Amach town council. There is 1 County Administrative unit, 64 parish administrative units, 25 wards administrative units, 685 village administrative units and 66 cell administrative units totaling 751.