Lira Local Government Offices

Lira Central Division is located in Lira Municipal Council in Lira District. It is one of the 4 Divisions in the Municipality.


To transform and reduce poverty to 20% by provision of basic and modern facilities to the community within the Division by the year 2015.

Mission Statement
To facilitate, transform and provide quality service to the people of Central Division.

Overall goal

To eradicate poverty and improve the welfare of the people of Lira Central Division through quality service delivery and equitable sustainable development.

• To equitably provide social infrastructure to all parishes.
• To facilitate the provision of services.
• To foster capacity building of all stake holders.
• To empower and involve lower local Councils in Development planning.
• To strengthen intensive urban farming to foster food security.
• Improving waste management.
• Promoting law and order
• Enhancing environmental management.
• Increasing and improving transport infrastructure.
• Build capacity of staff and timely payment of wages & salaries.
• Improve on Council performance.
• To enhance compliance in Finance & Accounting regulations.
• Increasing and empowering of the community to initiate and innovate development.
• To promote trade and marketing.
• To promote primary education & infrastructural development in schools.
• To enhance physical planning.
• To promote public health & infrastructure Development.