Lira Hospital is a public hospital, funded by the Uganda Ministry of Health, and general care in the hospital is free. It is one of the regional referral hospitals in Uganda. The hospital is designated as one of the internship hospitals in Uganda, where graduates of Ugandan medical schools can serve one year of internship under the supervision of qualified specialists and consultants.


Lira Local Government Offices

Lira Local Government Offices is currently located in Lira City East Division, Lira City  . 


A Sustainably, Prosperous, Democratic and Transformed Lira Society by 2040

Mission Statement
“To deliver Services in a transparent and accountable way for better socio-economic transformation, and improved Quality of Life through inclusive Growth, Employment and Wealth Creation”




Agali Seed Secondary School was funded under Uganda Intergovernment Fiscal Transfer( UGift). It has 2 class room blocks, 2 unit science laboratory block,Administration block,2 unit teachers house,2 unit teachers kitchen,2stance lined VIP latrine block- Administration block,2stance lined VIP latrine block- Administration block,5 stance lined VIP latrine block – boys ( students),5 stance lined VIP latrine block- girls (student),Rain water harvest system with 5000 l water tank,I CT library,Multi-purpose hall,Sport field,2 unit 2 stance VIP latrine staff